Walls have never been so spoilt, with an ever-growing range of designs and effects made possible by modern digital techniques. Wallpaper experts reveal their wall wisdom and a guide to trends for now and the year ahead.

Explore the wall

“People are becoming more adventurous with their interiors and giving the same priority to wallcoverings as they would furniture and lighting,” says Paula Taylor, colour and trends specialist.
There’s literally a look to suit every taste. While the popularity for traditional floral and stripe designs endures, we’re noticing an increase in demand for more dramatic papers, such as our wallpaper of the year, the marbled charcoal and rose gold. This is in line with the desire to mimic artisan materials and textures, and there’s also a focus on ethnic patterns.”

Wall trends 2017: The division between masculine and feminine style will blur. So, there’ll be a mix of effects featuring industrial materials as well as geometric patterns, but in a more gentle colour palette of blush pink or pale blue shades. “Botanical elements will be key in 2017, with a move towards savage nature, incorporating jungle foliage, insects and tropical plants,” predicts Taylor. “Those trends will be tied together through pattern and texture with tactile, natural materials, such as cork, grass cloth and weaves acting as back drops.” Look out for intricate marquetry patterns, splatter designs and sky effects.

“Vinyl vallcovering are particularly popular because they create a luxury look, give an impression of depth and are hard-wearing. Those in soft, linen textures are ideal for a calm, sophisticated setting, while a metallic finish brings opulence and hotel-style chic.”

Nature will be brought into fine focus with detailed designs inspired by the British countryside, including stylised trees, elegant birds and hand-drawn intricate floral patterns.

“We regard our homes now as fashion statements, where we reflect the trends of the season, and wallpaper is a ‘fast’ way to make that happen,” says wallpaper designer, Debbie McKeegan.

“Wallpaper literally transforms the landscape of a setting and is the perfect quick fix for a room which needs refreshing with a dash of pattern, a splash of colour or injecting with the energy of an eye-catching feature wall.

“Bold florals – vintage and vivid through to cottage pretty – are very much in vogue this winter. There’s a growing demand for our trompe l’oeil effects, particularly French decor gilded ‘panels’ which instantly evoke grandeur, while at the other end of the style scale, we have Scandi-style painted wooden boards, for that pared-back contemporary look.”
Botanicals still rule with a choice of painterly effects focusing on birds, butterflies and wild flowers, through to the more exotic and decorated with abundant tropical banana leaves, hibiscus blooms and palms, all on dark, dramatic backgrounds. A fascination for texture will continue with marble set to stay a huge trend, along with metallics, especially copper tones. The dominating colour palette is soft, natural and muted, and scale will range from oversized to miniature.

Metallic Glam

Glamorous shiny wallcoverings are full on trend and reflect the modern spirit of time. Modern wallpaper with metal looks in copper, bronze and gold colours create an urban ambience and give any room a stylish appearance.

Cocoon Protection

Fascinating shapes and textures in muted colours demonstrate the great versatility of the world of wallpaper and guarantee an individualistic lifestyle. Ranging from crochet looks to graphic trompe l’oeil patterns and casual honeycomb motifs — this new trend showcases some exciting wallcoverings! 
Energise your Mood
Trendy flowers with colourful accents not only get you in a good mood but are also absolute eye catchers. Combine them with cool matching stripes or geometric patterns. The jazzy colours of these wallpapers, ranging from blue and yellow to turquoise and pink, are very attractive and simply burst with youthful vitality.

Spirit of Nature

Be a trendsetter with these naturally cosy wallpapers. Modern timber looks in a variety of textures and floral patterns in warm earthy shades are very much on trend. They are synonymous with stylishly furnished interiors and create a homely atmosphere. Cork and bamboo are also natural elements that will bring Mother Nature into your home.

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